The Vast Desert

This was a very interesting documentary that I found. It really has some astonishing photography in this video. It is 48 minutes long though so break out the popcorn! Special thanks to the BBC. I hope you enjoy!

All Kids Don't Love Santa

Funny compilation of Santa pictures with crying kids... Merry Christmas!

The Insurance Problem

Why is it that insurance companies think they can keep all of our hard earned money even when we do not file a claim? Shouldn't we be getting a BIG refund check back in the mail from our insurance companies at the end of the year saying "Hey, good job, you didn't crash your car, your house didn't burn down and you didn't get sick so here is half your money back." Only in a perfect world I guess, I mean insurance sure seems like a perfect way to scam people out of money. To make matters worse states like Michigan make it mandatory for every motor vehicle to be insured. Many times the insurance can even be more than the car payment yet we don't see any return on our "investment", the insurance companies keep all of the profit. Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture...

How About Some Christmas Music

Here is a video I found just today, the photography is quite stunning. The message is sobering... try and do your part. Who knows how many holidays some of these species have left.

You can always find more videos at Are We Overheating?

No News Is Good News

Why is it that the news only covers the negative stories in our world? I mean you are always hearing about who got raped and killed not who is working on bettering the communities that we live in. The TV is completely loaded with death and violence in our news and in our shows. The press seems to glorify it even. Then we sit there and wonder why is it that people are going crazy and going on a shooting sprees. Well, they certainly couldn't have learned any of that from the news or pretty much any television show on nowadays. It is really a sad state of affairs, we are completely desensitized to anything that we see today. Take a look at your local or national news and prove me wrong....

Tree Hugger

If this guy wasn't a tree hugger before, he certainly is now!

The Beauty Of Nature

I am sure there is a story behind this picture... Maybe you know it?

Finish What You Started

This picture was taken from Central Park in New York City. If you look closely you can see that the building pictured only has 3 towers. The builder ran out of money as the American economy was struggling at the time. Proof that it doesn't always matter that you finish what you started....

You can see more of my work here on you can join Photoholics Anonymous, it is a group that I stated up a little while ago. You can post your work there and links to your site.

Big Mouth Snake

A snake swallowing an egg whole... if you think that is crazy just wait till the end of the video, not for the faint of heart.

Want more videos? Check out this Site!

Every Breath You Take

A lot of us "inlanders" forget the importance of our oceans. I think many of us don't realize their significance in our everyday lives. I thought this video did a good job... You can find more information here.

On A Lighter Note

I know my blogs can get a little dark as far as the topics go, I tend to babble on about global warming, pollution, climate change and other sometimes boring, but serious topics.... so I have decided to create one just for my lighter side. Basically it will contain what I hope are funny videos and pictures like the one below.

You can check it out here and don't worry I don't always take life as seriously as I do in the Blog World!

Forming Clouds in Time Lapse

Time-Lapse photography of some crazy clouds and the sun. I don't know why but I think this is pretty amazing to watch .... what do you think? I guess I am easily amused : )

Happy Halloween

Thanks To Mr. C for this one...

The Life Cycle of the Sunflower

I made this video up tonight using picasa. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions on how to improve it. The video basically takes you through the growth of a sunflower.

Who Will Step Up to the Plate?

The world is in need of a great leader. It sure seems like these days we have no one to look up too. Our athletes are all hopped up on some sort of steroid, and even if they weren't, they still would make horrible role models. The Barry Sanders that used to hand the ball to the official has now been replaced by some dancing fairies in the endzone. This really makes me wonder why I watch football at all. The trash talking and complete disregard for the game and the fans has become more apparent every season.

That is just sports, I would go on to politics, but I am afraid that would just take too long.... In fact I can't really think of any politicians that I would look up to. Our system is just so corrupt now, it has completely spiraled out of control! Does anyone know of any good role models anymore?

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or somewhere entirely different.

What's Wrong With Rich People?

Why is it that most of the rich people I meet seem to be some of the meaniest and unhappy people on the planet. I mean doesn't money buy happiness ;) Perhaps it is because they don't really know who their true friends are and who is just in it for the money. Maybe I have just run into the wrong kind all my life. It just seems like every person I have run into with a lot money is just an .......... well, I had better not say. I don't want to offend all of you nice rich people. What has been your experience with these affluent people?

Pink Floyd - Us and Them

This is definitely one of the best videos I have run across in awhile searching Google Video. Just amazing photography from National Geographic set to my favorite band, just perfect. Kudos to whomever made the video!

If you like this video or music videos in general your should check out my new site.

Detroit Tigers take Game 2

Thanks to Jimmy for sending me this photo.... What do you think will happen tonight?

Tapping the Power

I guess you just have to watch it....

Please Help With The Experiment

I was just wondering?

What it is that makes people stop when they are hitting the next blog button? I mean, is it a picture, video, or perhaps just the headline that grips you. I personally like the images, but what makes you stop? Do you go for content or just images or perhaps how many comments are on the post? How long do you actually spend on a blog? Maybe you find blogs by user profile links? Thanks for your time your help are much appreciated! Come back and check to see how the experiments are progressing. Thanks for your participation!

Who Killed The Electric Car?

An eye opening look at the auto industry..... Commentary by Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, and several former General Motors executives. It is really a shame what is going on behind the scenes.... just follow the money trail.

Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond

You don't need drugs to enjoy it.. but it certainly helps

Super Slow Motion

This was recorded by NASA photgraphers....

What Motivates YOU?

Is it money, power, family, sex, job or all of the above? I guess this question would kinda depend on what stage you are at in your life, but what really makes you get out of bed in the morning? Is it your boring 9-5 job that is slowly killing you? I mean what keeps us humans going day in and day out. I guess some people just fall into a routine and wake up 20 years later and wonder where their lives went.... Everyone works their whole life just to retire, but by the time they get there it is too late and they have waisted the best part!

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The Power of Nature

Pretty crazy video I have never really seen a tornado forming quite like this...


Hockey's Back!

I just wanted to remind everyone that hockey season has started. Go wings! Anybody remember #16? He was always my favorite red wings, it was really too bad what happen to him.I love this picture, old Aaron Ward just looks so very evil....

Baby Genius

This is courtesy of The Eels one of my favorite bands.... Click on the picture to enlarge and don't forget to let me know what you think.

Hot Hot Heat

Well, for those of you who still need a little more proof that climate change is in fact happening here you go. NASA climatologists have reported that the earth has warmed by 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit in each of the last three decades and is starting to accelerate. The acceleration is occurring the most in the extreme North and South ends of the earth. Melting snow and ice are exposing dark land surfaces which absorb more energy from the sun and in turn speeds up the warming process. This has brought temperatures to the highest level they have been in 12,000 years and only 2 degrees Fahrenheit from the estimated maximum reached in the past million years. Unfortunately it is not only humans that are being affected. Plants and animals could face mass extinction as their migration patterns are not keeping pace with the recent temperature increases. Just imagine all of the possible cures for diseases and unique creators out there that we a wiping off the planet. So what can we do about it is the question....

What a SUV Says About You

I thought this was kinda funny, it goes right along with California suing the big 6 automakers... It is ridiculous how many people drive SUV's and don't really need them. I saw a commercial the other day for a hummer H3 and it was actually advertising that it got 20 HIGHWAY miles per gallon. Like that is supposed to be an accomplishment.


Argentina Is In Crisis

Argentina — An area of forest the size of Germany is under threat, along with the indigenous peoples and jaguars that live there. Bulldozers are turning the land into soya plantations to feed pigs and chickens in Europe and North America. Pretty sad world that we live in.

Here is an interesting look at our oceans

A realistic look at the dangerous changes in our oceans. This video is about the threat that mankind poses to our planet. This informative video is 16 minutes long, you won't be sorry.

Statues of New York

A compilation of photos that I took in New York and turned into a video with Google's Picasa. Please let me know what you think!

Next *!?@%*$!@ Blog... Please

Does anyone else notice how many blogs out there are simply dead ends, and have nothing but ads on them. It seems like they are just trying to trick people to click on their ads. They even take out the next blog button! I guess they are assuming people don't know how, or are just to lazy to use the back button, so they will click on their ads. Very annoying! I wish there was a way to get rid of these blogs, does anyone have any ideas? Perhaps we can make a list, and send it to blogger, or something like that. What do you think the solution is?



I have created a new blog. It is a collections of videos that I have collected from all over the world showing the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change on our planet. Please check it out and tell me what you think your input is much appreicated!

What Do You Think of The Big Apple?

Don't know if I ever will go back. to New York. It is such a crowded place. Just too many people packed in such a small space... I was there for 5 days and I think that was enough for me :) Although I did take some great pictures. We stayed in Lower Manhatan right in China Town!

The Faithful Companion

Dogs or cats or anything else? Which is your favorite pet and why. Vote below if you would like to participate.


Step Into The Light!

I just thought this was a cool shot! I tried to get the light just so.... What do you think? Is it blog worthy or should I ditch it and go with something else like the one below. Which is your favorite picture top or bottom? Or even better what kind of picture do you like to see? Leave your comment/suggestion below.

Kimberly's Paintings

All paintings done with oil paint and our original works of art. What is your opinion which one is better the top or bottom? Post your pick below.....

Favorite Flower

Which one is your favorite flower. Top or Bottom? The top is a picture of a Day Lily and the bottom is a Peach Rose. Both of these were taken in my backyard.

Pine Tree Paradise

Both of these pictures are taken on a lake in Northern Ontario, Canada. Which one do you like best? Or just which one do you think we caught the most fish at?

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