The Faithful Companion

Dogs or cats or anything else? Which is your favorite pet and why. Vote below if you would like to participate.


Step Into The Light!

I just thought this was a cool shot! I tried to get the light just so.... What do you think? Is it blog worthy or should I ditch it and go with something else like the one below. Which is your favorite picture top or bottom? Or even better what kind of picture do you like to see? Leave your comment/suggestion below.

Kimberly's Paintings

All paintings done with oil paint and our original works of art. What is your opinion which one is better the top or bottom? Post your pick below.....

Favorite Flower

Which one is your favorite flower. Top or Bottom? The top is a picture of a Day Lily and the bottom is a Peach Rose. Both of these were taken in my backyard.

Pine Tree Paradise

Both of these pictures are taken on a lake in Northern Ontario, Canada. Which one do you like best? Or just which one do you think we caught the most fish at?

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