Jaguar Vs. Giant Snake

Crazy footage of an Anaconda and a black jaguar battling... I was certainly surprised at the outcome. If you think that is amazing you should check out this next video.

Watch as millions of crabs are unleashed on this island...

If you still want more you can check out this video of a prehistoric shark or you can try and help us find out what is wrong with rich people?


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Prehistoric Shark Found

This video is quite amazing check out the weird prehistoric shark that was just found recently... I guess this just goes to show us all of the things that we still don't know about our oceans.

For more about our planet oceans you can check out these underwater creatures or this indepth look at our oceans.

New York New York

Sorry, I have been neglecting this site so much... haven't really had any inspiration of late for the human element... All I can give you is this shot of a famous apartment from just outside of Central Park. I took this picture in the Summer of 2006 while visiting New York for my sister's wedding. This building certainly has a lot of history, perhaps you might even recognize it? What a city!

Stunning Underwater Creatures Caught On Film

What a great video, they really did a fantastic job with it. The quality of the work is amazing it is almost like it came straight from national geographic... kudos!

If you like that, you should check out this post, the photography is top notch. The music is not too bad either...


The Real Human Element

This kid is the definition of "extraordinary!" Watch as he showcases his amazing mathmatical skills by calculating the numbe pi to 22,514 places, and see if he can really master a new language in just one week. So my question to you is "how does he do it?"


Spiders Experiment With Drugs

This video was really not what I expected... Watch out this is not for virgin ears!

A Tornado's Fury

Watch this compilation of tornadoes that formed in the Eastern US...

This video was just amazing, watch as a tornado forms right on the soccer field!

This video shows the aftermath of a storm that hit in Brown County. It is truely amazing what nature is capable of... we had better learn to respect it before it is too late.


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