The Amazing Coral Seas!

It really seems like this series The Blue Planet is just getting better and better. The ocean really is a simply fascinating place that we having even begun to understand...

The footage of the coral reefs attacking each other just blew my mind... Who knew corals could be so vicious? If you want to check out more of our magnificent oceans check out this post or find out who the gangsters of the ocean are here!

Golden Eagle Vs. Hare

Not the fairest of fights, but still some pretty amazing nature footage on this clip! The first move by the hare is actually quite impressive, but it just can't outrun this predator...

Next up is the Gaboon Adder Vs. The Rat... again not really a fair matchup but this snake is quite unique. It has what appears to be horns coming out of the top of it's head and carries the large fans in any snake at over 2" long! Would want to run into this creature any time soon.

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The Microscopic World!

This documentary is an oldie, but a goodie! The video from The National Geographic takes us into a world that cannot be seen with the human eye. I believe it dates back all the way to the late 1970's so it is really amazing to see what they could come up with way back when...

It is about an hour long though so be prepared!

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