When Animals Attack!

First up it is Deer vs. Deer in the battle for superiority in the forest... Reminds me of a chick fight : )

This next clip is more like when mind-controlling parasites called Leucochloridium paradoxum attack! Crazy that these things can make these snail do their bidding... the way they swell up like that is just a bit disturbing!

Finally it is kangaroo vs. small boy... not much of a match up here, but it pretty amazing to watch this kangaroo's moves! Quite impressive...

Kangaroo takes out some kid - Watch more free videos

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What Eats Vampire Bats?

The Assassin Bug turns the tables on the vampire bat as it sneaks up and sucks their blood. I guess this vampire bat finally gets what's coming to it being that they are little blood suckers as well...

This next video has some amazing thermal images of a pig getting its blood sucked by a vampire bat! Vampire bats have heat sensors that let them know the exact spot to feed on. I am surprised this pig doesn't wake up while this bats are feeding!

Finally we have a vampire bat vs. the wrinkle bat, who knew that vampire bats were cannibals as well? The announcer has it dead on when he mentions Dracula... wicked!

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Python Has Lunch For The Next Two Months!

A unlucky gazelle become a massive meal for this 16 foot long python! Amazing that these creatures can swallow such a large mammal completely whole...

Next up is a boomslang snake vs. a sneaky chameleon! Such is life I guess, but I was rooting for the chameleon...

Finally we step out of the snake world and into the world of the scorpions! Not only do they have to worry about getting killed by one of their own, but they have to deal with this pesky shrew...

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Underwater Camouflage Saves Lives!

First up is a clip from National Geographic that shows some of the unbelievable adaptations that underwater creatures have developed to survive in their surroundings. Crazy to even think that there are creatures on this planet that can shape shift and change colors so rapidly. You would think we could learn something from these underwater specimens of nature...

This next video is a bit more controversial, it starts out showing us more of the amazing camouflage from underwater. Then it takes us above the water and shows us more camouflage in insects and plants. After that it takes a weird turn and starts talking religion... I suggest you just turn down the volume or take it with a grain of salt. I thought the video was good, but sorry you are not going to convert me : )

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