Man With Astonishing Photographic Memory

Watch as this guy draws the entire Roman skyline just from viewing it during a 45 minute helicopter ride... simply ming boggling! Look at the details in the drawing, amazingly accurate. For more information just search for Stephen Wiltshire.

This man Derren Brown has a similar gift... watch as he memorizes a book in a matter of minutes... Pretty crazy stuff!

Here is Stephen Wiltshire again, only this time he memorizes the Tokyo and draws an amazingly detailed panoramic drawing...

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The Most Amazing Dog In The World

Some of you may have seen this video on the Montel Williams show. This dog named Faith is simply amazing! Can you believe it was born without any front legs! Crazy that it seems to get around just fine on it's back legs alone.

Here is a little more footage from a local news station of Faith the wonderdog...

And because I found this videos commentary hilarious, check out this crazy rabbit, watch as it viciously attacks just like a predator...

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The Birds And The Bees... Well Mostly The Bees

Watch as these blood thirsty hornets make short work of these poor Honey Bees!

Adaptation makes round 2 have a much different outcome... Watch how the honey bee develops tactics to turn the tables on the much larger hornets.

For more craziness from mother nature check out the jaguar vs. the giant anaconda or this time-lapse footage.


Some Of Our Endangered Species

The Most Amazing Waterfall In The World

The power of nature is truly magnificent! Enjoy this stunning video footage of one of the largest waterfall in the world. The waterfall Iguassu forms a natural border for Argentina and Brazil, and consists of about 275 waterfalls, sure beats the hell out of a fence....

This photographer did a wonderful job capturing the beauty of the Iguassu Waterfalls!
Simply click the picture to enlarge.
Cataratas do Iguaçu Brasil
Iguassu waterfall with rainbow
Iguaçu Cataratas, Brasil
Double platform falls
Iguazú from the lower circuit, Argentina
Here is just a bit more footage of the waterfalls, gotta love the music...

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What A Maniac

This guy must have trained this crocodile from the beginning...

Animal facts just for you... Let me know if you think any are incorrect.

Our World

Enjoy it while it last...

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