The Most Intelligent Creatures Of The Seas

This video is quite interesting... watch as these dolphins manage to blow air rings underwater, perhaps humans could learn a thing or two from them and start blowing underwater air rings instead of smoke rings!

The dolphin is an amazing creature that can communicate through sounds. What you are about to see is some great footage from off the coast of California...

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Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Nasty little creatures that can suck three times their body weight in one sitting! These bed bugs will feed off of many different animals and even humans. Sleep tight...

For more information about bed bugs check out this video... I am itching just thinking about those nasty creatures!

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The Not So Vicious Tiger?

I found this video quite amusing. I don't want to give to much away so just watch...

Ok, but in all seriousness the tiger is a formidable predator. I certainly wouldn't want to cross paths with it...

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The Epic Battle Between The Jaglavak Ants And The Termites

The Mofu people seek out this elusive Jaglavak Ant, when termites threaten their homes and crops. What happens when they release the ants upon the termite colony is nothing short of amazing. It is quite interesting how the termites can work together as one group to try and save the queen.

If you ever wondered what an ant colony would look like underground, well wonder no more...

Finally, here is the story of the Leafcutter Ant, a creature that collects leaves, but has to turn them into fungus before consuming they. Nature never ceases to amaze...

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The Venus Fly Trap

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this spectacular footage gives us an inside look into carnivorous plants including the famous Venus Fly Trap! The other carnivorous plant is this video is amazing as well. Not a good death for those insects...

This next video shows us a time-lapse version of the growth of a Venus Fly Trap plant... Quite interesting to watch!

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The Largest Crocodile In Africa!

This is arguably the largest crocodile in the entire world! This creature is named Gustav makes his territory in Burundi. Just look at him... unbelievable!

This next video from The National Geographic channel gives us a look into the life of a growing crocodile... Things don't look as easy as you may think for this vicious predator!

Have you ever wanted to goes fishing for crocodiles? Doesn't look like something I want to try real soon...

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