No News Is Good News

Why is it that the news only covers the negative stories in our world? I mean you are always hearing about who got raped and killed not who is working on bettering the communities that we live in. The TV is completely loaded with death and violence in our news and in our shows. The press seems to glorify it even. Then we sit there and wonder why is it that people are going crazy and going on a shooting sprees. Well, they certainly couldn't have learned any of that from the news or pretty much any television show on nowadays. It is really a sad state of affairs, we are completely desensitized to anything that we see today. Take a look at your local or national news and prove me wrong....

Tree Hugger

If this guy wasn't a tree hugger before, he certainly is now!

The Beauty Of Nature

I am sure there is a story behind this picture... Maybe you know it?

Finish What You Started

This picture was taken from Central Park in New York City. If you look closely you can see that the building pictured only has 3 towers. The builder ran out of money as the American economy was struggling at the time. Proof that it doesn't always matter that you finish what you started....

You can see more of my work here on you can join Photoholics Anonymous, it is a group that I stated up a little while ago. You can post your work there and links to your site.

Big Mouth Snake

A snake swallowing an egg whole... if you think that is crazy just wait till the end of the video, not for the faint of heart.

Want more videos? Check out this Site!

Every Breath You Take

A lot of us "inlanders" forget the importance of our oceans. I think many of us don't realize their significance in our everyday lives. I thought this video did a good job... You can find more information here.

On A Lighter Note

I know my blogs can get a little dark as far as the topics go, I tend to babble on about global warming, pollution, climate change and other sometimes boring, but serious topics.... so I have decided to create one just for my lighter side. Basically it will contain what I hope are funny videos and pictures like the one below.

You can check it out here and don't worry I don't always take life as seriously as I do in the Blog World!

Forming Clouds in Time Lapse

Time-Lapse photography of some crazy clouds and the sun. I don't know why but I think this is pretty amazing to watch .... what do you think? I guess I am easily amused : )

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