Crows Vs. Cat Street Fight

Epic battle between these two cats... err... and some crows too lol

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Crab Exits Shell In Time Lapse

I am not sure the species of this crab, but apparently they grow so big and then abandon their shells... Here is that very act in time lapse...

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Massive Land Slide

Looks like the hills are made of liquid!!! This has got to be one of the worse land slides ever caught one tape!

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Squirrel's Have Feelings Too!

Watch as this squirrel helps protect the dead body of their fallen comrade from the crows. Pretty amazing... I bet they were a couple...

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African Honey Badger, One Bad Mama Jama

The African Honey Badger may look relatively harmless, but this guy has got a huge pair, no doubt! Even the deadly Puff Adder snake which can make human flesh dissolve is no make for this African Honey Badger!

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Killer Whale Vs. Seals

You might guess who is gonna win this battle... These seals need to think twice before staying so close to the water's edge!

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The Wolf Dive

Amazing that this wolf can sense a mouse under several feet of snow! Watch as this fox waits for the exact right moment...

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