Deadly Tsunamis

On December 26, 2004 the deadliest Tsunamis on record killed over 200,000 people. Here is some footage from that horrible day along with some background information about what exactly causes a Tsunamis. Let us only hope that a proper warning system is put into place before the next one hits...

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Tornadoes And Hurricanes Caught On Tape

First up is some amazing footage from a Air Force base in Kansas. Watch as this tornado tears apart the landscape...

Next up is some footage of a hurricane, not quite sure which one, doesn't really matter, there will always be more like this...

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The Best Lightning Video Ever

A compilation of the closest lightning strikes ever caught on tape... Lucky for these people lightning doesn't normally strike twice!

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Time Lapse Footage Of The 17 Year Cicadas

This video shows the amazing transformation that Cicadas go through every 17 years. Weird to think that so many bugs are right underneath you just waiting to break the surface...

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The Fish Eating Bat

Who knew bats had such a developed palate? These bats literally grab the fish right out of the water, much like a bird of prey. Don't worry though the fish get their payback in the end. Don't take my word for it, just watch the video below...

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The South American Centipede

The South American Centipede is one strange creature. Also called the Giant Scolopenders this centipede is the longest in the world! While it is growing it will shed its skin much like a snake, but with one creepy twist. It will then devour its own recently shed exoskeleton! This centipede can grow over a foot in length and can feed on creatures as large as an iguana. Take a look at the video below for more information about this 100 legged creature...

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