Happy Halloween

Thanks To Mr. C for this one...

The Life Cycle of the Sunflower

I made this video up tonight using picasa. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions on how to improve it. The video basically takes you through the growth of a sunflower.

Who Will Step Up to the Plate?

The world is in need of a great leader. It sure seems like these days we have no one to look up too. Our athletes are all hopped up on some sort of steroid, and even if they weren't, they still would make horrible role models. The Barry Sanders that used to hand the ball to the official has now been replaced by some dancing fairies in the endzone. This really makes me wonder why I watch football at all. The trash talking and complete disregard for the game and the fans has become more apparent every season.

That is just sports, I would go on to politics, but I am afraid that would just take too long.... In fact I can't really think of any politicians that I would look up to. Our system is just so corrupt now, it has completely spiraled out of control! Does anyone know of any good role models anymore?

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What's Wrong With Rich People?

Why is it that most of the rich people I meet seem to be some of the meaniest and unhappy people on the planet. I mean doesn't money buy happiness ;) Perhaps it is because they don't really know who their true friends are and who is just in it for the money. Maybe I have just run into the wrong kind all my life. It just seems like every person I have run into with a lot money is just an .......... well, I had better not say. I don't want to offend all of you nice rich people. What has been your experience with these affluent people?

Pink Floyd - Us and Them

This is definitely one of the best videos I have run across in awhile searching Google Video. Just amazing photography from National Geographic set to my favorite band, just perfect. Kudos to whomever made the video!

If you like this video or music videos in general your should check out my new site.

Detroit Tigers take Game 2

Thanks to Jimmy for sending me this photo.... What do you think will happen tonight?

Tapping the Power

I guess you just have to watch it....

Please Help With The Experiment

I was just wondering?

What it is that makes people stop when they are hitting the next blog button? I mean, is it a picture, video, or perhaps just the headline that grips you. I personally like the images, but what makes you stop? Do you go for content or just images or perhaps how many comments are on the post? How long do you actually spend on a blog? Maybe you find blogs by user profile links? Thanks for your time your help are much appreciated! Come back and check to see how the experiments are progressing. Thanks for your participation!

Who Killed The Electric Car?

An eye opening look at the auto industry..... Commentary by Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, and several former General Motors executives. It is really a shame what is going on behind the scenes.... just follow the money trail.

Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond

You don't need drugs to enjoy it.. but it certainly helps

Super Slow Motion

This was recorded by NASA photgraphers....

What Motivates YOU?

Is it money, power, family, sex, job or all of the above? I guess this question would kinda depend on what stage you are at in your life, but what really makes you get out of bed in the morning? Is it your boring 9-5 job that is slowly killing you? I mean what keeps us humans going day in and day out. I guess some people just fall into a routine and wake up 20 years later and wonder where their lives went.... Everyone works their whole life just to retire, but by the time they get there it is too late and they have waisted the best part!

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The Power of Nature

Pretty crazy video I have never really seen a tornado forming quite like this...


Hockey's Back!

I just wanted to remind everyone that hockey season has started. Go wings! Anybody remember #16? He was always my favorite red wings, it was really too bad what happen to him.I love this picture, old Aaron Ward just looks so very evil....

Baby Genius

This is courtesy of The Eels one of my favorite bands.... Click on the picture to enlarge and don't forget to let me know what you think.

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