Luckiest Man On Earth?

This one should get your attention... And this guy will certainly be counting his blessings after taking a look at this footage! Perhaps a little divine intervention was even involved...

Here is a little collection of crazy pictures gathered around the net... Great job capturing a some not so perfect memories! The ending is just a travesty...

Finally a few people that don't have the best luck in the world... but then again I guess it could be a lot worse! For some reason I can really relate to the guy smashing his computer, reminds me of the scene in Office Space.

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Amazing Interaction Between Leopard And A Baboon

Is there a maternal instinct inside ever animal? This clip may just prove it, watch as a leopard attacks a baboon only to find a little baby baboon still attached to it's lifeless mother.

What happens next is simply astonishing...

I bet your thinking "aww, isn't that leopard cute", but watch out they are actually one of the fiercest predators on the planet. If you met one don't get him mad or this is what will happen to you...

Here is some great footage from the National Geographic Channel...

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Geyser Erupts In the Middle of a Busy Highway

"Well, I was just driving down the road when..."

Watch this amazing footage below, make sure to look for the guy running for his life on the left side of the screen! Some people say it was caused by intense ran fall, but I am really not sure...

Now that you have seen that take a look at these actual Geysers. This video was taken in Utah by the University of California... looks pretty similar on a bit smaller scale.

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Giant Python Vs. Alligator

Amazing footage of a massive snake eating an alligator. Once the beast finishes up it is in for a surprise as it gets attacked by another... The battle for the swamp continues!

This time it is a Crocodile that is stalking it's prey. It strikes with lightening speed, but the results of this encounter are certainly not what you might expect.

And finally here is a short clip showing the amazing preditorial skills of the lepoard. Watch as snatches an Impala right out of the air! Talk about ups... crazy footage!

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Praying Mantis Vs. Mouse And Then It's Own Mate!

The praying mantis has always been know as one of the most notorious insect predators. Watch as it makes quick work of this poor not so little mouse... it strikes with amazing speed! Would be great if it showed it in slow motion as it is almost too quick to catch with the human eye...

After a tasty meal it is time to... well you know : ) The male preying mantis really gets the short end on this deal! Rather amazing footage... I didn't see that coming!

And finally the last piece to the puzzle the birth of a new life... pretty cool to actually watch them "hatch"!

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Giant Centipede Vs. Tarantula And Other Creatures

Watch as this giant centipede used it's venom to win the battle verses the bigger tarantula... just amazing footage! I don't think I would want to be the one with the camera on that trip...

If you think that video was something you haven't seen anything yet! As you can tell a centipede can certainly be a deadly predator, just watch as it makes quick work of this poor defenseless cricket...

And now for the grand daddy centipede of them all over 13 inches long... these big fellows actually snatch bats right out of the air! I wouldn't want to run into one of these any time soon!

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This Summer I'll Bet You'll Wish You Had A Few Of These Around

Let start it out with the classic plant that mostly everyone knows about... that right Little Shop of Horrors Venus Fly Trap! The girls reaction at the end is typical they are just a bit creepy...

Now if you think this video is crazy just wait because you haven't seen anything yet!

This next one has some of the best footage I have run across of these blood thirsty carnivorous plants set to some very odd music... This video includes tons of species of plants that I have never even set eyes on before! Amazing what kind of creatures are out there in our world! I wonder where most of these plants are grown...

And finally the grand finale... this video starts out a little slow, but then it really begins to pick up, you know sorta like an cheesy 80's ballad : ) Well not exactly, anyways it is some pretty spectacular shots... I wonder if they have any that eat misquitoes or if we just have to rely on bats for that problem?

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