Hippo Trys To Save A Life

Odd that such a large creature would try and defend something so small, but I guess that motherly instinct is strong in this one...

This next clip shows is some rare footage of a hippo actually eating meat, but first it must scare away the fierce predator!

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We Would All Be Dead Without Trees

This documentary from the BBC is an in depth look at some of the biggest and unique forests around the world. The giant sequoia General Sherman is the the largest living thing on the planet, coming in over 10 times the side of a blue whale! These trees have been alive for thousands of years! Hey they were here way before us so maybe we should show a little respect or maybe even learn a thing or two...

Be prepared though this video is almost an hour long.

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7 Million Views On Youtube Means It Must Be Good!

Apparently I am one of the last people on the planet to see this next clip! I won't ruin it for those of you who still haven't seen what is now know as The Battle At Kruger....

Ah the power of numbers never fails to amazing me... too bad that doesn't seem to work in America!

Not sure who to root for in this next clip... the the weak little man who thinks he is so great because he can apply a few ounces of pressure on a trigger or the ferocious lion that is one of the most skilled predators on our planet? Tough call...

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Our Fast Paced World

You know we love time lapse here at The Human Element, so I bet you will enjoy this next clip. My favorite part has to be the airport, pretty amazing footage! Sometimes when you see clips like this it makes you realize that we all need to slow down and just take life as it comes...

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Birds Of Prey

Some more amazing footage from the BBC. If you ever wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated as a bird, wonder no more...

This next one is a bit more trippy but still if you are itching for more birds of prey this is just for you...

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Planet Earth Parts 1 and 2

In case you missed this documentary on the BBC here is the beginning. They really did some fantastic work! Those poor, poor penguins...

Part 2 is quite interesting as well. Simply amazing that any animal can survive 5 months without eating. Talk about fasting...

Well we can't just leave the story there... Very cool to watch the sun go sideways in the sky!

Not going to leave it there either. Quite the chase!

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The Cycle Of Life In Deer Cave

A very interesting look at how nature survives even without the mighty power of the sun. Instead this massive cave runs all on droppings. I guess one creatures trash really is another's treasure! I certainly hope you have never seen this many cockroaches in one place...

The cave is also home to giant centipedes which you can see more of here!

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The Multi-Talent Crab Spider

Some very cool video is this next clip. Watch as the crab spider uses a plant in order to catch it's food. What do you think lazy or just plain smart?

And here is some amazing pics taken all around the world... I can't wait till I get paid to travel the world taking pictures. Sounds like a great job!

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Super Slow Motion Cuts

What did this poor water bottle do to deserve this cruel ending? I guess we will never know...

If you thought that was bad check out what they did to this water ballon...

I have to say this is the cooliest one though... Great angle on the cut, pretty amazing stuff!

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A Consequence To Ever Action

Next time you think that ever little decision doesn't really matter, just remember that every thing you do, no matter how insignificant does have a consequence... just look at this amazing chain of event!

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200 Cool Pics From Around The World

Round 1...

Rounds 2...

Very tough to pick a favorite, but you can certainly try! These are all from this site here. It is pretty amazing really they have a different photo a every day that is chosen and they are all submitted by the user. Sounds interesting!

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