The Strongest Punch In The World

This amazing underwater creature packs the fastest punch in the world! Watch the video below to see this lightweight literally knocks out its prey...

You haven't seen anything yet though, check out this Shape Shifting Octopus and these other camouflaged creatures. What a fantastic display of adaptation! Enjoy the fireworks...

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The Most Fearless Animal On The Planet

The Honey Badger is one of the boldest species on the planet. This small creature is afraid of nothing, and will hold his own against bigger, and much more dangerous creatures... I have a feeling that gets him into trouble sometimes though!

Next up is the very patient Giant Cicadas who manage to spend an amazing 17 years underground! This video has some spectacular footage of these insect... Gives a whole new meaning to coming out of your shell!

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The Fastest Animal In The World

The cheetah can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour... quite remarkable! This predator is by far one of the most efficient killing machines on the planet. Have a look at this video for a few more amazing facts about the speedy cheetah...

Next up is even more footage of the fastest animal on the planet...

Finally we have a bit of footage from The National Geographic channel. This show us a bit more about the relationships that cheetahs develop throughout their lives...

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The Archer Fish Is One Of Nature's Most Amazing Creatures!

It is crazy to think that over time a fish would be able to develop such unbelievable accuracy! Watch as the archer fish manages to adjust not only for gravity, but for the refraction of light through the water... Simply astonishing!

Here is a bit more footage of the Archer Fish for those of you on the hunt...

If you would like to purchase an Archer Fish just click the picture below...

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The Mighty Bear

The Polar Bear's days may be numbered on this planet, but that is certainly not for lack of predatory skills. Watch as this magnificent creatures used it's wits to outsmart an entire group of walruses!

There is power in number in the wild too! This wolf pack takes on the ferocious bear with no sweat...

In this video a female cougar does well to fend off the vicious predator that is the grizzle bear! I guess motherly instincts go a long ways in the wild, because that bear is huge...

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Stunning Photography Of Creatures From Our World

Time will tell how many of these creatures will be able to survive the coming effects of climate change. It is sad that natural selection has taken a backseat to man-made ignorant destruction. We hear a lot about the effects that climate change will have on the people across the world, but let us not forget about all the other creatures that grace this planet. Let just hope it is not already too late for some of these amazing creatures...

For more information about climate change please visit Are We Overheating? or to see more fantastic creatures from The Human Element check out this post!

The Deserts Of Our World

Another episode of the acclaimed series Planet Earth, this video takes us around the world to explore the kinds of life that can survive in such harsh conditions. From the Sahara to the Gobi desert this documentary truly gives us an amazing looks into the fascinating creatures like kangaroos, desert foxes, frogs, camels, insect, snakes, scorpions and lizards that inhabit the deserts of our planet... Get ready though this video is about 45 minutes long, but it is worth it...

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The Best Time-Lapse Videos You Will Ever See!

Amazing footage from the Planet Earth series on the discovery channel. This video is set to a song by The Album Leaf, it is entitled "The Outer Banks". Enjoy this marvel of nature...

Here is just a little more from the documentary...

PLANET EARTH - Madagascar Flowers - The best bloopers are here

This last video is full of unbelievable images captured from space. It is simply breathtaking...

If you still are looking for more time-lapse videos check out this post or find out what I think The Human Element is all about.

Planet In Peril The Conclusion

We take a deeper look into the rain forest in this part of Planet In Peril to see the destruction that is occurring there, very sad story...

I don't think most of us realize just how important the rain forest is to our survival, the time to protect what is left is now... Then they travel back to The States to see how pollution is effecting our kids.

As usual the poor people are getting the shaft... Big money and big oil are very tough competitors, but with the power of the people anything can be accomplished!

In case you missed the other parts of this documentary here they are... part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5.

For more information from CNN on this story check out there site here or you can visit my site about climate change Are We Overheating?

"Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

Planet In Peril Part 5

This part of the documentary shows us that as the glaciers continue to melt and coral reefs die all around the world islands are starting to disappear. I think it is about time for these people to pack up and call it quits...

Next up the documentary takes us to Lake Chad, which is turning into a desert. BTW Senator James Inhofe is an ass...

This is the part that really pisses me off... How stupid do they really think we are? Senator James Inhofe biggest contributors to his campaign are energy and oil companies. Of course he is going to say that climate change isn't happening, because it is being caused by the oil and gas companies that are lining his pockets! He should be ashamed of himself...

For the conclusion of the documentary just stay tuned to the blog. To start from the beginning check out part 1, part 2, part 3 or part 4.

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Planet In Peril Part 4

This is where the documentary takes an even darker turn, this part of Planet In Peril takes us to Greenland where the temperature has risen 8 degrees in just the past 10 years! If Greenland melts completely it would raise see levels by over 20 feet...

In case you missed the story when it broke a few months ago Greenland has actually formed a new island because of the warming that is occurring there... As more and more ice melts it exposes more water which absorbs heat and only makes things heat up faster!

The last clip in this part of Planet in Peril concentrates on Polar Bears and the problems that climate change is causing for these animals... See ice lost has already passed the predictions for 2050 and it only increasing as we speak.

I don't know about you, but this documentary is beginning to really depress me...

If you would like to see the rest of this check out part 1, part 2 or part 3 and stay tuned to the blog for the rest of this indepth documentary on climate change.

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Planet In Peril Part 3

View Part 1 Or View Part 2

This next part of the documentary Planet In Peril takes us into China to give us an inside look at the illegal animal trade and how the growing population there is causing even more problems... As the world's population grows like rats things are only going to get worse.

They head deeper into China and take a look at the problems with water that is simply not drinkable nor should it be used to grow crops, but people living in these areas don't have any choice... Good luck with the lawsuit... for some reason I think that might be a tough one to win.

Last up in this post from the series Planet In Peril, they take a look at some of the chemicals that are showing up in children all around the world. A sad path we have been on for way too long...

Stay tuned to the blog for the rest of the series... For more from The Human Element check out the amazing preying mantis or check out the lost city!

Planet In Peril Part 2

In case you missed the begin of Planet in Peril documentary click here. This next part of the series from CNN shows us the effects that reintroducing wolves has done to ecosystem at Yellowstone park.

Next up Jeff Gorwin and Anderson Cooper travel to Cambodia to see how poachers are hunting down the endangered tigers in the area.

The journey continues as they get to know elephants a little too well in this one...

For more from this series check out the first three videos here or find out how this hippos tries to save a life.

Planet In Peril

In cased you missed it when it aired on CNN here is part of Planet in Peril... Jeff Gorwin and Anderson Cooper host this eye opening documentary that takes us all around the world and shows us how we are destroying the world we live in. This first clip focuses on poaching and it's effects.

Part 2

Part Three of Planet in Peril shows us the devastating effects of loss of habit on our creatures of the earth. Stay tuned to the blog for more from this series...

Really a shame that we aren't doing much to stop these problems in our world, perhaps this documentary will shed a little more light on this dire situation.

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The Amazing Coral Seas!

It really seems like this series The Blue Planet is just getting better and better. The ocean really is a simply fascinating place that we having even begun to understand...

The footage of the coral reefs attacking each other just blew my mind... Who knew corals could be so vicious? If you want to check out more of our magnificent oceans check out this post or find out who the gangsters of the ocean are here!

Golden Eagle Vs. Hare

Not the fairest of fights, but still some pretty amazing nature footage on this clip! The first move by the hare is actually quite impressive, but it just can't outrun this predator...

Next up is the Gaboon Adder Vs. The Rat... again not really a fair matchup but this snake is quite unique. It has what appears to be horns coming out of the top of it's head and carries the large fans in any snake at over 2" long! Would want to run into this creature any time soon.

For more from The Human Element check out this big mouth snake or just take a chill pill or two and watch this amazing photography!

The Microscopic World!

This documentary is an oldie, but a goodie! The video from The National Geographic takes us into a world that cannot be seen with the human eye. I believe it dates back all the way to the late 1970's so it is really amazing to see what they could come up with way back when...

It is about an hour long though so be prepared!

For more microscopic creatures check out this post or visit these vicious creatures!

The World's Tallest Waterfall

Angel Fall in Venezuela is considered to be the tallest in the entire world! This clip you are about to watch is yet another for the Planet Earth series. If you haven't checked out the rest of the posts here at The Human Element click here to see them all!

This next clip shows us some beautiful photography taken at Angel Falls. It looks like a really nice place to visit... perhaps I will make it there some day.

For more waterfalls check out The Most Amazing Waterfall In The World or check out this crazy time lapse footage!

Life At It's Most Basic Level

This video shows us some spectacular footage of microorganism courtesy of Mcgraw Hill. This really puts into perspective just how small life really is...

If you think that is crazy this next one will really make your skin crawl! Did you ever wonder how many creatures are living on your body at one time? Well this answer is just about as many as the human population of earth! Amazing...

For more from The Human Element check out the largest spider on the planet or visit the lost city!

The 100th Post Here At The Human Element

Time sure does fly... This will be the turn of the century post here at The Human Element. I hope you have all enjoyed what the site has to offer so far and maybe even learned a thing or two about the world around us. Here are a couple highlights from the past 100 posts that you may have missed...

The Dog The Can Walk Upright
What An SUV Says About You
The Insurance Problem
The Most Beautiful Waterfall You Will Ever See
Centipede Vs. Tarantula
Amazing Animal Interaction
The Lost City
Time Lapse Footage
7 Million Views
Journey Into The Deep Sea

Thanks to everyone out there that has visited! Please don't forget to comment and if you would like to subscribe to this sites posts you can do so here. Looking forward to the next 100 posts...


Crazy Ants And Other Creatures

This first video just blows my mind! These ants and other insect in this video are inflicted with a cordyceps fungus. What happens to them next is nothing short of astonishing!

These poor ants just can't catch a break... in this next video you will meet the antlion which is actually quite scary looking!

For more from The Human Element check out my problem with insurance or the awesome predator the praying mantis!

A Journey Into The Deep Sea

From the documentary The Blue Planet this is a look into the deep sea... More people have been to space then have seen theses depths of the ocean! Some of the creatures you are about to see are almost completely transparent and can survive under amazing pressure that no human would even dream to try...

Here is part two of the documentary... Just be glad your not down there with these things!

For more deep sea creature The Human Element check out this post or see why you shouldn't mess with the Bullfrog!

Yet Another Two-Legged Dog!

When The Human Element first reported about the most amazing dog in the world we thought it would be just that. Well, apparently there are more that one of these amazing creatures on this planet. This video surfaced in April of this year the dogs name is Sugar. Sugar who was found in Taiwan more dead than alive as a puppy! She overcame abuse, pneumonia, a badly leg, brain damage and ensuing paralysis from being left on without any shade.

To see the original two legged dog faith check out this post or for something different click here!

The Largest Spider In The World!

The Goliath Tarantula or Theraphosa blondi can grow to over a foot long with fangs that measure an amazing 2 inches in length! Also known as the Goliath Birdeater, this spider is officially the largest spider in the world! Courtesy of The National Geographic Channel this video shows some of the strange abilities of the Goliath Tarantula. I have to admit I wouldn't want this guy's job...

For more beautiful footage from the National Geographic Channel check out this next video which gives a look inside the Panama Rainforest... Enjoy it while it last!

For more from The Human Element check out 7 million views on youtube means it must be good or view a spider on drugs.

Creatures From The Abyss

Wow this truly some stunning footage... too bad this video doesn't have close-captioning as it is all in what sounds like the French language. Don't worry though it is still well worth the view. Enjoy these never seen before deep sea creatures!

If you think those creatures are crazy have a look at this next video... I wonder if all the deep sea creatures in it are real?

For more check out this beautiful scuba diving video or find out what driving an SUV says about you!

Animals Getting Drunk

I guess you have to have some fun as an animal. These creatures sit and feast on the Marula tree in mid summer as all the sweet fruit falls to the ground and becomes easy pickings for all animals around... What happens next it pretty hilarious!

Hmmm I wonder if this is available here in the states?

For more check out these ghost tales or the man with the astonishing photographic memory!

The F5 Tornado On May 3, 1999

The storms that hit Oklahoma on May 3, 1999 produced one of the worst tornadoes in that area had ever seen... Winds from the F5 tornado were they highest ever recorded on earth at an amazing 318 miles per hour. What you are about to see is eye witness accounts of this massive storm...

This next clip did not air until a long while after the storm... these chasers got just a little too close for comfort!

For more storm footage from The Human Element check out this clip or find out why I am such a tree-hugger!

Hippo Trys To Save A Life

Odd that such a large creature would try and defend something so small, but I guess that motherly instinct is strong in this one...

This next clip shows is some rare footage of a hippo actually eating meat, but first it must scare away the fierce predator!

For more amazing wildlife check out the gangsters of the ocean or this amazing animal interaction!

We Would All Be Dead Without Trees

This documentary from the BBC is an in depth look at some of the biggest and unique forests around the world. The giant sequoia General Sherman is the the largest living thing on the planet, coming in over 10 times the side of a blue whale! These trees have been alive for thousands of years! Hey they were here way before us so maybe we should show a little respect or maybe even learn a thing or two...

Be prepared though this video is almost an hour long.

For more from our world check out the amazing preying mantis or this tree hugger!

7 Million Views On Youtube Means It Must Be Good!

Apparently I am one of the last people on the planet to see this next clip! I won't ruin it for those of you who still haven't seen what is now know as The Battle At Kruger....

Ah the power of numbers never fails to amazing me... too bad that doesn't seem to work in America!

Not sure who to root for in this next clip... the the weak little man who thinks he is so great because he can apply a few ounces of pressure on a trigger or the ferocious lion that is one of the most skilled predators on our planet? Tough call...

For more from The Human Element check out this big mouthed snake or find out who the most amazing dog in the world is!

Our Fast Paced World

You know we love time lapse here at The Human Element, so I bet you will enjoy this next clip. My favorite part has to be the airport, pretty amazing footage! Sometimes when you see clips like this it makes you realize that we all need to slow down and just take life as it comes...

For more time-lapse footage check out this clip or feel a tornado's fury!

Birds Of Prey

Some more amazing footage from the BBC. If you ever wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated as a bird, wonder no more...

This next one is a bit more trippy but still if you are itching for more birds of prey this is just for you...

For more from The Human Element check out slow motion super cuts or python vs. alligator!

Planet Earth Parts 1 and 2

In case you missed this documentary on the BBC here is the beginning. They really did some fantastic work! Those poor, poor penguins...

Part 2 is quite interesting as well. Simply amazing that any animal can survive 5 months without eating. Talk about fasting...

Well we can't just leave the story there... Very cool to watch the sun go sideways in the sky!

Not going to leave it there either. Quite the chase!

Ok it has to end some time... Stay tuned to the blog for more from this series! In the mean time check out 200 awesome pics from around the world or this amazing interaction between two unlikely animals!

The Cycle Of Life In Deer Cave

A very interesting look at how nature survives even without the mighty power of the sun. Instead this massive cave runs all on droppings. I guess one creatures trash really is another's treasure! I certainly hope you have never seen this many cockroaches in one place...

The cave is also home to giant centipedes which you can see more of here!

If you think that was out of this world check out the vampire squid an amazing deep sea creature... Who needs a night light when you have one of these!

The Human Element is also showing the spider on drugs and giant python vs. alligator!

The Multi-Talent Crab Spider

Some very cool video is this next clip. Watch as the crab spider uses a plant in order to catch it's food. What do you think lazy or just plain smart?

And here is some amazing pics taken all around the world... I can't wait till I get paid to travel the world taking pictures. Sounds like a great job!

Want more amazing creatures? Check out the bad mama jama that is the bullfrog or find out who the gangster of the ocean are!

Super Slow Motion Cuts

What did this poor water bottle do to deserve this cruel ending? I guess we will never know...

If you thought that was bad check out what they did to this water ballon...

I have to say this is the cooliest one though... Great angle on the cut, pretty amazing stuff!

For more super slow motion fun check out these slow motion vids or this super slow motion water ballon pop!

A Consequence To Ever Action

Next time you think that ever little decision doesn't really matter, just remember that every thing you do, no matter how insignificant does have a consequence... just look at this amazing chain of event!

For more from The Human Element check out the vastness of space or sneak a peak at the most amazing waterfall in the world!

200 Cool Pics From Around The World

Round 1...

Rounds 2...

Very tough to pick a favorite, but you can certainly try! These are all from this site here. It is pretty amazing really they have a different photo a every day that is chosen and they are all submitted by the user. Sounds interesting!

It's Stuff Like This That Reminds Me Why I'm A Treehugger

Nothing can compete with the beauty of nature...

Enjoy it while it last...

Vicious Creatures!

Is this evidence of evolution? These bears are a sight to be seen...

A nice big hug from a lion... I can imagine not too many people can say this has ever happened to them! A gentle giant indeed!

More? Check out these ghosts caught on tape or the most amazing waterfall in the world!

American History X

For all of you who haven't seen this movie I highly recommend it. It really shows the darker side of the human element. This is the entire film which is 2 hours long, so be prepared. Some of the parts of the movie are very disturbing do not watch this with your kids.

Any comments?

Don't Mess With The Bullfrog Or The Octopus

Who knew the bullfrog was such a formidable predator? This bad mama jama can take down scorpions, tarantulas, birds and even other bullfrogs. Have they no shame?

You ain't seen nothing yet... this octopus is one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea watch as it make short work of the much bigger shark. This video shows us some remarkable footage of an octopus feeding! Pretty impressive stuff!

For more check out this amazing time lapse footage or this geyser erupting in the middle of a highway!

Crazy Ghost's Caught On Tape

I have to admit this freaked me out a little bit... This is from bravo and claims to be the most amazing ghost caught on tape, well you judge whether or not you think these stories are fake. This video is almost 45 minutes but it is worth it!

So what do you say? Do you believe?

For more from The Human Element check out the photographer's version of Pink Floyd's Us And Them or the statues of New York.

Better Learn To Respect The Power Of Nature

This is quite the collection of nature's power... some pretty amazing pics! Featuring lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes and even some volcano pics. I think the motto of this story is don't mess with Mother nature!

For more from The Human Element check out the gangsters of the ocean or the vastness of space!

Amazing Time Lapse Footage

We have all seen rotten apple's but did you ever wonder exactly how it got that way? Well wait no more!

Who would have thought that a popcicle melting would be so crazy in time lapse... well you be the judge!

These clouds are quite amazing as well... watch as the thunderstorm rolls on in. Right after the end of the storm is the best part those clouds are unbelievable!

And finally this is one of the best videos I have run across... it shows the real beauty of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.... simply stunning!

More from the Human Element? Check out the lost city or find out who killed the electric car!

The Gangsters Of The Ocean

The pistol or alpheid shrimp is one of the most amazing creature in the ocean. Watch as this this shrimp shoots a stream of bubbles at it's prey that momentarily reaches the temperature of the sun! This stream is enough to stun or even flat out kill it's prey! Wow, the ocean never ceases to blow me away...

Want more learn more about this powerful snapping shrimp? Of course you do, check out this next video for a bit of background info on this unbelievable creature and it's acoustic weapon...

To purchase a Pistol Shrimp click the picture below...

For more from The Human Element check out the cat that eats with a fork or the man with the astonishing photographic memory!

Unbelievable Cat Eats With Fork, Spoon And Chop Sticks!

Believe it out not it's actually true! I am not sure what was going through this women's head when she came up with this off the wall idea, perhaps she just had a bit too much time on her hands! Nowadays it seems like the line between human and pet is just a bit too thin... What are your thoughts?

If you enjoyed that last one I am sure you will get a kick out of this montage of crazy cat clips... If you watch closely you will see yet another cat eating with a fork, very odd!

For more crazy animals check out or if you are more into dogs check out this amazing animal interaction or the most unbelievable dog in the world!

What We Are Fighting For...

Sure most of us in our everyday lives don't even give a second thought that creatures like this even exist on our earth, but they do... and we share this planet with them. Just because we are on the top of the food chain doesn't mean we have the right to destroy everything underneath us with reckless abandon.

We as a human race need to wake up and smell the smog or our future generations won't be able to enjoy these magnificent creatures...

The Lost City Where Creatures Survive In 200 Degree Heat

Not only can they survive massive heat, but also the crushing pressure of 1000' of sea water! This footage is taken smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean... pretty amazing what you can find in the middle of nowhere! Could this be the proof that life could in fact exist on other planets? These amazing things have a PH similar to liquid drano... For more info just search for "lost city"

Next it's Python Vs. Cobra, you might be surprised at the outcome... it appears that all that fighting really made that snake work up an appetite!

Thank god for the Discovery Channel...

Finally the most insane creature of all the killer turtle... You have to admit this turtle has some balls!

More more amazing things check out this 1000+ lbs. hog or the most amazing dog in the world!


1000lbs Hog Killed By 11 Year Old Kid!

I can't say that I completely believe this story, but it is a pretty amazing pic! This wild hog is over 9 feet long! An 11 year old shot this 1051lbs beast with a pistol to take this monster down. He said he shot the huge animal eight times with a .50-caliber revolver and chased it for three hours through hilly woods before finishing it off with a point-blank shot. Only Fox News would report on a story like this... my personal opinion is a photoshop job, but what do you think?

Things are a little different in China as you will see in this next clip... why anyone would want to do this to a pig I have no idea, and yes it looks like some animals were harmed in the making of this video... I do have to admit that he does pretty darn good work!

For more from The Human Element check out this amazing super slow motion compilation or this massive eruption!


Amazing Super Slow Motion Compilation

I have seen clips similar, but it is still pretty darn awesome... the slow motion water balloon pop in the face is hilarious!

Why they were attempting this I have no idea, but it really turned out to be amazing. Watch as these golf balls are shot at high speed right through various objects... in super slow motion of course!

A bumble bee flying in super slow motion is actually quite impressive... Nature never fails to amaze me!

And lastly what would any slow motion compilation be without a explosion video? Check this one out you can really "see" the force of the explosion!

If you still need more from The Human Element check out our last post "man with snake through his nose" or for a classic check out proof that a stoned driver beats a drunk driver any day!


An Crazy Man With A Snake Through His Nose

Something I would never want to attempt...

From the show Most Extreme, the garbage disposal of the sea!

The sea cucumber consumes 300lbs of sea sludge a year! I guess at least it's serving a purpose by slowly filtering our oceans... I bet these creatures will be thriving soon with all the junk we throw away!

And because #4 on the list is never enough... check out this ungrateful Sea Louse!

For a little more watch this tree hugger or for something more recent find out how to survive the jaws of a crocodile!


How To Survive The Jaws Of A Crocodile

This has to be one of the luckiest baboons on the planet! Watch as an adult tries frantically to pull the youngster free, but realizes quickly that it has no real chance against the giant predator.

It still seems to be a mystery how exactly the baboon really escapes the Croc. You be the judge...

The prey in this next one is not quite so lucky... the snake strikes with lightning speed! If anyone would like to translate from what sounds like French to English feel free.

Lastly here is some amazing footage of a hawk taking on a deadly rattle snake. I won't ruin it for you this time... place your bets!

For more from The Human Element check out this surprising interaction between a leopard and a baby or this giant centipede vs. a tarantula!


Luckiest Man On Earth?

This one should get your attention... And this guy will certainly be counting his blessings after taking a look at this footage! Perhaps a little divine intervention was even involved...

Here is a little collection of crazy pictures gathered around the net... Great job capturing a some not so perfect memories! The ending is just a travesty...

Finally a few people that don't have the best luck in the world... but then again I guess it could be a lot worse! For some reason I can really relate to the guy smashing his computer, reminds me of the scene in Office Space.

Want more of from The Human Element? Check out the surprise eruption or The World's Funniest Videos!


Amazing Interaction Between Leopard And A Baboon

Is there a maternal instinct inside ever animal? This clip may just prove it, watch as a leopard attacks a baboon only to find a little baby baboon still attached to it's lifeless mother.

What happens next is simply astonishing...

I bet your thinking "aww, isn't that leopard cute", but watch out they are actually one of the fiercest predators on the planet. If you met one don't get him mad or this is what will happen to you...

Here is some great footage from the National Geographic Channel...

For more from The Human Element check out The Most Amazing Dog In The World or for more from the Leopard and other animals check out this post!


Geyser Erupts In the Middle of a Busy Highway

"Well, I was just driving down the road when..."

Watch this amazing footage below, make sure to look for the guy running for his life on the left side of the screen! Some people say it was caused by intense ran fall, but I am really not sure...

Now that you have seen that take a look at these actual Geysers. This video was taken in Utah by the University of California... looks pretty similar on a bit smaller scale.

For more check out these powerful tornados or this time-lapse display!


Giant Python Vs. Alligator

Amazing footage of a massive snake eating an alligator. Once the beast finishes up it is in for a surprise as it gets attacked by another... The battle for the swamp continues!

This time it is a Crocodile that is stalking it's prey. It strikes with lightening speed, but the results of this encounter are certainly not what you might expect.

And finally here is a short clip showing the amazing preditorial skills of the lepoard. Watch as snatches an Impala right out of the air! Talk about ups... crazy footage!

For more from The Human Element check out the praying mantis and the poor mouse or watch this crocodile maniac!


Praying Mantis Vs. Mouse And Then It's Own Mate!

The praying mantis has always been know as one of the most notorious insect predators. Watch as it makes quick work of this poor not so little mouse... it strikes with amazing speed! Would be great if it showed it in slow motion as it is almost too quick to catch with the human eye...

After a tasty meal it is time to... well you know : ) The male preying mantis really gets the short end on this deal! Rather amazing footage... I didn't see that coming!

And finally the last piece to the puzzle the birth of a new life... pretty cool to actually watch them "hatch"!

If you are still itching for a bit more insect fun check out our last post Cetipede Vs. Tarantula or for something a bit different feel a tornado's fury!

For some sweet shots check out Sun Up Till Sun Down or visit The World's Funniest for a good laugh...


Giant Centipede Vs. Tarantula And Other Creatures

Watch as this giant centipede used it's venom to win the battle verses the bigger tarantula... just amazing footage! I don't think I would want to be the one with the camera on that trip...

If you think that video was something you haven't seen anything yet! As you can tell a centipede can certainly be a deadly predator, just watch as it makes quick work of this poor defenseless cricket...

And now for the grand daddy centipede of them all over 13 inches long... these big fellows actually snatch bats right out of the air! I wouldn't want to run into one of these any time soon!

For more from The Human Element check out these tree huggers or watch these amazing carnivorous plants!

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This Summer I'll Bet You'll Wish You Had A Few Of These Around

Let start it out with the classic plant that mostly everyone knows about... that right Little Shop of Horrors Venus Fly Trap! The girls reaction at the end is typical they are just a bit creepy...

Now if you think this video is crazy just wait because you haven't seen anything yet!

This next one has some of the best footage I have run across of these blood thirsty carnivorous plants set to some very odd music... This video includes tons of species of plants that I have never even set eyes on before! Amazing what kind of creatures are out there in our world! I wonder where most of these plants are grown...

And finally the grand finale... this video starts out a little slow, but then it really begins to pick up, you know sorta like an cheesy 80's ballad : ) Well not exactly, anyways it is some pretty spectacular shots... I wonder if they have any that eat misquitoes or if we just have to rely on bats for that problem?

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Some Of The Most Amazing Animals You Will Ever See

This first one is pretty insane, watch as this cat suits up and goes scuba diving along with it's pals... here I thought all cats were afraid of water!

Next we have the most talented bird I have ever seen... it even has a better golf game then most people I know!

Finally we have the story of Daisy the Canadian goose that thinks it is human! Amazing how certain animals can get a long so well! It reminds me of that Disney movie, I can't recall the name...

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Proof That A Stoned Driver Beats A Drunk Driver Anyday

Poor guy didn't even smoke ANY weed today... and I bet he was driving nice and slow! Imagine how much different things could have been if he was a raging drunken violent moron!

Never a good idea to hit a officer of the law... even if you are plastered, I bet a stoned person wouldn't do such a thing!

And the final piece to the puzzle, one of the best opening scenes of any movie out there... enjoy and drive safe!

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The Human Element

The human element... that seems to be what is missing nowadays in a lot of the things that we do... The human element has been replaced by the corporate element or the political element.

We need to take a look around us and realize what the real problems are that we face not as individuals, but as the human race. How can we stand by and watch many of the atrocities happen in third world countries only to turn around and jump on the opportunity to "help" other countries simply because they are rich with oil or other natural resources...

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Can You Grasp The Vastness Of Space?

Amazing pictures from the Hubble Telescope... Makes you realize just how insignificant we all are! For all those who don't believe in other life forms out there, this video might just change your mind, just imagine the possibilities...

Here is more unbelievable images from the Hubble Telescope... Enjoy, these are simply breathtaking!

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Man With Astonishing Photographic Memory

Watch as this guy draws the entire Roman skyline just from viewing it during a 45 minute helicopter ride... simply ming boggling! Look at the details in the drawing, amazingly accurate. For more information just search for Stephen Wiltshire.

This man Derren Brown has a similar gift... watch as he memorizes a book in a matter of minutes... Pretty crazy stuff!

Here is Stephen Wiltshire again, only this time he memorizes the Tokyo and draws an amazingly detailed panoramic drawing...

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