Eagle Vs Water Chevrotain

This struggle between predator and prey has been evolving for millions of years now. It is pretty impressive to see how the water chevrotain has learned to survive this very dangerous eagle!

Next up is the endangered Pangolin! Kinda like an anteater but with crazy scales. As the earth continues to change though, you can only wonder how long this creature will grace our planet...

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Undertakers Of The Skies

The Condor with an amazing wing span of 10 feet is one of the wonders of nature. This huge bird is just part of the cycle of life, at least it doesn't go to waste...

The Osprey is another very large bird of prey. Watch as this Osprey dives down to catch a nice meal for it's young ones. Such amazing eye site...

This last bird of prey is the King Vulture! What a magnificent display of nature, such a colorful face on this creature...

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Spider Vs. Bat

This is one of those David vs. Gollaith type battles. Watch as this tiny spider managed to trap this much bigger bat! I wonder how much of it the spider can actually eat?

In this next one you will get to see two spiders battle it out head to head. I am rooting for the daddy long legs... that other house spider is just plain creepy!

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Great Natural Wonders Of The World

In this David Attenborough documentary we travel around the world to bring you some amazing wonders of nature. From the depths of death valley, to peaks of Yosemite Falls, to the volcanoes of Hawaii this video is certainly well worth your time, but be prepared it is about an hour long... I hope someday to visit all these places, but until then this is the closest I will come.

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