Octopus Carrying A Coconut

Kinda like a turtle... Only with eight arms this Octopus has its own shell that it seems to REALLY like!

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Killer Whale Eats Great White Shark

Watch as this Orca takes out a huge Great White Shark! Amazing to think that sure a ferocious predator could be taken down by a Killer Whale... I guess they don't call em killer for nothing!

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Bring It To Life - Guinness

Beer and conservation... I never though two things would go so well together... Bravo Guinness... Bravo...

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The Jesus Christ Lizard

Also known as the Common Basilisk (Basiliscus basiliscus) this amazing lizard has the ability to run across water and miraculous speeds... Have a look at these speed demons in the video below...

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Jaguar Vs. Pirarucu

In this next video you will see a Jaguar hunting a massive freshwater fish called a Pirarucu. Let's just say that what they say about cats liking fish is true! I can't imagine how much of the fish the Jaguar ate though, that fish is huge!

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Johnny Rocks Birds With Attitudes

These Johnny Rocks are some serious birds of prey. Also known as the Flying Devils on the Falkland Island these birds are quite the characters.

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Amazing Underwater Footage

Ok I was looking for the Dragon Sea Moth and I came across this video with some spectacular underwater footage. I know most of these, but a few looked new to me. Check out the Fish Index for more information about these fish in the video below!

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Longest Snake In The World

This has to be very close to the longest snake in the entire world! This snake seems to stretch on FOREVER!

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The Army Of Sea Urchins In Time Lapse

The BBC finally smartened up and now lets you embed videos that they post to Youtube... Thank you! This video has some amazing footage of Sea Urchins and Starfish and shows you just what goes on in the ocean below.

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660lbs Octopus Fits Into Hole The Size Of A Quarter

Ok that doesn't really seem possible does it? Can a massive octopus really squeeze into a hole that small. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes...

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Deer Attacks Hunter

Well I guess this goes to prove that the hunter doesn't win all the time... What's up with the guy with the camera just letting him get attacked by this big buck? Either way this deer is one unhappy camper watch as he smashes the hunter repeatedly with his feet set to some crazy music...

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Into The Spider's Web

Up next here at the Human Element is some amazing footage of a spider wrapping up a careless ant that stumbled into its web. Poor ant never stood a chance...

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Luckiest Penguin Ever!

Incredible footage of a Penguin cheating death... Courtesy of Very Uplifting! Are those Killer Whales?

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Penguins Vs. Pelicans

The next video from The Human Element is another from The National Geographic, this time it's some unbelievable underwater footage of Penguins vs. Pelicans. The only one that really loses is the anchovies!

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Time Lapse Sunset

I always wanted to make a video like this, but I just don't know how and I am pretty sure my camera doesn't do it. Anybody got any tips on how to create a time lapse video?

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Body Invaders

This video shows us just how amazing nature can be. Watch as this parasite invades its host and eats it from the inside out! Only the National Geographic would come up with a video this close up and intense!

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Cuttlefish Attacks Octopus

This just made me frightened of the cute little Cuttlefish... Watch as he sneaks up on this octopus from behind and has him for dinner!

Learn a little more about the Cuttlefish in this informative video below from The New York Times...

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Goose Attacks Man, Dog & Boat

I saw this one a while back now, but for some reason it resurfaced on the Internet again. I guess there are still people out there that haven't seen this maniac goose that attacks this poor guy's dog. Something must have really set this goose off, I have never seen anything quite like it...

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African Lions Accept Man

You might think this guy has a few screws loose upstairs as you watch this next vidoe. This brave soul named Kevin Richardson has actually been interacting with these lions for years and over time they have come to accept him as one of their own! Just a little scary to watch...

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Slug Sex

This is without a doubt one of the most bizarre mating rituals in the world. Watch as these two slug climb up a tree and intertwine in a strange fashion. Nature never ceases to amaze. Love em and leave em I guess narrated David Attenborough...

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The Life Of An Octopus

This video shows you a time lapse version of an octopus's birth. As if that weren't cool enough it then shows a full grown Octopus learning how to open a jar. It doesn't take too long before those crabs become a meal...

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Malaysia Landslide

This is without a doubt one of the most amazing videos I have ever come across. Watch as the cameraman films this massive landslide that happened in 1993 in Malaysia. They must have been really high up to not be affected by this force of nature...

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Tiger Attacks Chicken

I have no idea what country this video came from but it is pretty insane. Watch as this massive Siberian Tiger leaps up on this vehicle to grab a meal....

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Super Slow Motion

If you follow The Human Element you already know we are suckers for a good slow motion video. This next one is a great slow motion compilation from the Discovery Channel set to classical music...

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Gazelle Outsmarts Cheetah And Hyena

I guess possums aren't the only ones that can pull this trick...

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Rafflesia The Largest Flower In The World

Although the Rafflesia flower is known for its amazing size, it is also known for its horrible odor. This flower can be up to one meter in diameter and weigh in at almost 10 kilograms! Its odor is said to resemble that of rotting flesh. To check out this beast in action watch the video below...

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Pangolin - The Longest Tongue Of Any Mammal

The amazing Pangolin is a creature that walks more like T-Rex then a mammal. It's front claws are not used for walking, the weigh of this creature balances it out so it walk on its back feet alone. It does use it claws though to dig through mammoth ant mounds in search of food. Once it reaches the main passages of the colony it uses its unbelievably long sticky tongue to devour hundreds of ants. To see this creature and its tongue in action check out the video below...

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