Hot Hot Heat

Well, for those of you who still need a little more proof that climate change is in fact happening here you go. NASA climatologists have reported that the earth has warmed by 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit in each of the last three decades and is starting to accelerate. The acceleration is occurring the most in the extreme North and South ends of the earth. Melting snow and ice are exposing dark land surfaces which absorb more energy from the sun and in turn speeds up the warming process. This has brought temperatures to the highest level they have been in 12,000 years and only 2 degrees Fahrenheit from the estimated maximum reached in the past million years. Unfortunately it is not only humans that are being affected. Plants and animals could face mass extinction as their migration patterns are not keeping pace with the recent temperature increases. Just imagine all of the possible cures for diseases and unique creators out there that we a wiping off the planet. So what can we do about it is the question....

What a SUV Says About You

I thought this was kinda funny, it goes right along with California suing the big 6 automakers... It is ridiculous how many people drive SUV's and don't really need them. I saw a commercial the other day for a hummer H3 and it was actually advertising that it got 20 HIGHWAY miles per gallon. Like that is supposed to be an accomplishment.


Argentina Is In Crisis

Argentina — An area of forest the size of Germany is under threat, along with the indigenous peoples and jaguars that live there. Bulldozers are turning the land into soya plantations to feed pigs and chickens in Europe and North America. Pretty sad world that we live in.

Here is an interesting look at our oceans

A realistic look at the dangerous changes in our oceans. This video is about the threat that mankind poses to our planet. This informative video is 16 minutes long, you won't be sorry.

Statues of New York

A compilation of photos that I took in New York and turned into a video with Google's Picasa. Please let me know what you think!

Next *!?@%*$!@ Blog... Please

Does anyone else notice how many blogs out there are simply dead ends, and have nothing but ads on them. It seems like they are just trying to trick people to click on their ads. They even take out the next blog button! I guess they are assuming people don't know how, or are just to lazy to use the back button, so they will click on their ads. Very annoying! I wish there was a way to get rid of these blogs, does anyone have any ideas? Perhaps we can make a list, and send it to blogger, or something like that. What do you think the solution is?


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