Unbelievable Cat Eats With Fork, Spoon And Chop Sticks!

Believe it out not it's actually true! I am not sure what was going through this women's head when she came up with this off the wall idea, perhaps she just had a bit too much time on her hands! Nowadays it seems like the line between human and pet is just a bit too thin... What are your thoughts?

If you enjoyed that last one I am sure you will get a kick out of this montage of crazy cat clips... If you watch closely you will see yet another cat eating with a fork, very odd!

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What We Are Fighting For...

Sure most of us in our everyday lives don't even give a second thought that creatures like this even exist on our earth, but they do... and we share this planet with them. Just because we are on the top of the food chain doesn't mean we have the right to destroy everything underneath us with reckless abandon.

We as a human race need to wake up and smell the smog or our future generations won't be able to enjoy these magnificent creatures...

The Lost City Where Creatures Survive In 200 Degree Heat

Not only can they survive massive heat, but also the crushing pressure of 1000' of sea water! This footage is taken smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean... pretty amazing what you can find in the middle of nowhere! Could this be the proof that life could in fact exist on other planets? These amazing things have a PH similar to liquid drano... For more info just search for "lost city"

Next it's Python Vs. Cobra, you might be surprised at the outcome... it appears that all that fighting really made that snake work up an appetite!

Thank god for the Discovery Channel...

Finally the most insane creature of all the killer turtle... You have to admit this turtle has some balls!

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1000lbs Hog Killed By 11 Year Old Kid!

I can't say that I completely believe this story, but it is a pretty amazing pic! This wild hog is over 9 feet long! An 11 year old shot this 1051lbs beast with a pistol to take this monster down. He said he shot the huge animal eight times with a .50-caliber revolver and chased it for three hours through hilly woods before finishing it off with a point-blank shot. Only Fox News would report on a story like this... my personal opinion is a photoshop job, but what do you think?

Things are a little different in China as you will see in this next clip... why anyone would want to do this to a pig I have no idea, and yes it looks like some animals were harmed in the making of this video... I do have to admit that he does pretty darn good work!

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Amazing Super Slow Motion Compilation

I have seen clips similar, but it is still pretty darn awesome... the slow motion water balloon pop in the face is hilarious!

Why they were attempting this I have no idea, but it really turned out to be amazing. Watch as these golf balls are shot at high speed right through various objects... in super slow motion of course!

A bumble bee flying in super slow motion is actually quite impressive... Nature never fails to amaze me!

And lastly what would any slow motion compilation be without a explosion video? Check this one out you can really "see" the force of the explosion!

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An Crazy Man With A Snake Through His Nose

Something I would never want to attempt...

From the show Most Extreme, the garbage disposal of the sea!

The sea cucumber consumes 300lbs of sea sludge a year! I guess at least it's serving a purpose by slowly filtering our oceans... I bet these creatures will be thriving soon with all the junk we throw away!

And because #4 on the list is never enough... check out this ungrateful Sea Louse!

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How To Survive The Jaws Of A Crocodile

This has to be one of the luckiest baboons on the planet! Watch as an adult tries frantically to pull the youngster free, but realizes quickly that it has no real chance against the giant predator.

It still seems to be a mystery how exactly the baboon really escapes the Croc. You be the judge...

The prey in this next one is not quite so lucky... the snake strikes with lightning speed! If anyone would like to translate from what sounds like French to English feel free.

Lastly here is some amazing footage of a hawk taking on a deadly rattle snake. I won't ruin it for you this time... place your bets!

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