Some Of The Most Amazing Animals You Will Ever See

This first one is pretty insane, watch as this cat suits up and goes scuba diving along with it's pals... here I thought all cats were afraid of water!

Next we have the most talented bird I have ever seen... it even has a better golf game then most people I know!

Finally we have the story of Daisy the Canadian goose that thinks it is human! Amazing how certain animals can get a long so well! It reminds me of that Disney movie, I can't recall the name...

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Proof That A Stoned Driver Beats A Drunk Driver Anyday

Poor guy didn't even smoke ANY weed today... and I bet he was driving nice and slow! Imagine how much different things could have been if he was a raging drunken violent moron!

Never a good idea to hit a officer of the law... even if you are plastered, I bet a stoned person wouldn't do such a thing!

And the final piece to the puzzle, one of the best opening scenes of any movie out there... enjoy and drive safe!

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The Human Element

The human element... that seems to be what is missing nowadays in a lot of the things that we do... The human element has been replaced by the corporate element or the political element.

We need to take a look around us and realize what the real problems are that we face not as individuals, but as the human race. How can we stand by and watch many of the atrocities happen in third world countries only to turn around and jump on the opportunity to "help" other countries simply because they are rich with oil or other natural resources...

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Can You Grasp The Vastness Of Space?

Amazing pictures from the Hubble Telescope... Makes you realize just how insignificant we all are! For all those who don't believe in other life forms out there, this video might just change your mind, just imagine the possibilities...

Here is more unbelievable images from the Hubble Telescope... Enjoy, these are simply breathtaking!

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