Crazy Ants And Other Creatures

This first video just blows my mind! These ants and other insect in this video are inflicted with a cordyceps fungus. What happens to them next is nothing short of astonishing!

These poor ants just can't catch a break... in this next video you will meet the antlion which is actually quite scary looking!

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A Journey Into The Deep Sea

From the documentary The Blue Planet this is a look into the deep sea... More people have been to space then have seen theses depths of the ocean! Some of the creatures you are about to see are almost completely transparent and can survive under amazing pressure that no human would even dream to try...

Here is part two of the documentary... Just be glad your not down there with these things!

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Yet Another Two-Legged Dog!

When The Human Element first reported about the most amazing dog in the world we thought it would be just that. Well, apparently there are more that one of these amazing creatures on this planet. This video surfaced in April of this year the dogs name is Sugar. Sugar who was found in Taiwan more dead than alive as a puppy! She overcame abuse, pneumonia, a badly leg, brain damage and ensuing paralysis from being left on without any shade.

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The Largest Spider In The World!

The Goliath Tarantula or Theraphosa blondi can grow to over a foot long with fangs that measure an amazing 2 inches in length! Also known as the Goliath Birdeater, this spider is officially the largest spider in the world! Courtesy of The National Geographic Channel this video shows some of the strange abilities of the Goliath Tarantula. I have to admit I wouldn't want this guy's job...

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Creatures From The Abyss

Wow this truly some stunning footage... too bad this video doesn't have close-captioning as it is all in what sounds like the French language. Don't worry though it is still well worth the view. Enjoy these never seen before deep sea creatures!

If you think those creatures are crazy have a look at this next video... I wonder if all the deep sea creatures in it are real?

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Animals Getting Drunk

I guess you have to have some fun as an animal. These creatures sit and feast on the Marula tree in mid summer as all the sweet fruit falls to the ground and becomes easy pickings for all animals around... What happens next it pretty hilarious!

Hmmm I wonder if this is available here in the states?

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The F5 Tornado On May 3, 1999

The storms that hit Oklahoma on May 3, 1999 produced one of the worst tornadoes in that area had ever seen... Winds from the F5 tornado were they highest ever recorded on earth at an amazing 318 miles per hour. What you are about to see is eye witness accounts of this massive storm...

This next clip did not air until a long while after the storm... these chasers got just a little too close for comfort!

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