660lbs Octopus Fits Into Hole The Size Of A Quarter

Ok that doesn't really seem possible does it? Can a massive octopus really squeeze into a hole that small. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes...

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Deer Attacks Hunter

Well I guess this goes to prove that the hunter doesn't win all the time... What's up with the guy with the camera just letting him get attacked by this big buck? Either way this deer is one unhappy camper watch as he smashes the hunter repeatedly with his feet set to some crazy music...

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Into The Spider's Web

Up next here at the Human Element is some amazing footage of a spider wrapping up a careless ant that stumbled into its web. Poor ant never stood a chance...

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Luckiest Penguin Ever!

Incredible footage of a Penguin cheating death... Courtesy of Very Uplifting! Are those Killer Whales?

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