The Camel Spider

This nasty looking spider called the camel spider has been know to attack humans sleeping in the desert at night. Although it is not venomous, the camel spider has one of the strongest jaws of all the spiders...

Next up is a tale of a spider in the garage. Pretty freaky looking thing, I guess it is a Wolf Spider!

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The Fainting Goats

These amazing goats are a real marvel of nature. Watch as their fear receptors make them just collapse in mid stride! I suppose it is much like playing possum only this time it is playing goat. The disorder is called Myotonia Congenita...

Here is a bit more footage courtesy of the BBC, this clip takes us to a town in Tennessee...

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Tornado Destruction

Tornadoes have already been ravaging through part of the Mid-West this year. In fact the nation has had 654 twisters so far in 2008. This year has already has seen the most deaths in a decade and storm season is in full swing. Here is some intense Tornado footage from the National Geographic channel.

This next video is from a bunch of storm chasers... It has a bit of filler in the beginning of the video, but about halfway through there is some of the best tornado footage I have ever seen! Amazing the power of nature, perhaps we should begin to respect it...

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What Makes Birds Fly?

These baby albatrosses learn real quick that it is sink or fly! The tiger sharks that cruise these waters every year are just waiting to pick off a few of the weaker albatross. I guess this is just another example of survival of the fittest...

In case you have every wondered what a Tapir is... well wonder no more! I know I have never seen this animal before, but here are a few quick facts from The National Geographic Channel. I don't know I think it kinda resembles an elephant with that strange nose.

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