It's Stuff Like This That Reminds Me Why I'm A Treehugger

Nothing can compete with the beauty of nature...

Enjoy it while it last...

Vicious Creatures!

Is this evidence of evolution? These bears are a sight to be seen...

A nice big hug from a lion... I can imagine not too many people can say this has ever happened to them! A gentle giant indeed!

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American History X

For all of you who haven't seen this movie I highly recommend it. It really shows the darker side of the human element. This is the entire film which is 2 hours long, so be prepared. Some of the parts of the movie are very disturbing do not watch this with your kids.

Any comments?

Don't Mess With The Bullfrog Or The Octopus

Who knew the bullfrog was such a formidable predator? This bad mama jama can take down scorpions, tarantulas, birds and even other bullfrogs. Have they no shame?

You ain't seen nothing yet... this octopus is one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea watch as it make short work of the much bigger shark. This video shows us some remarkable footage of an octopus feeding! Pretty impressive stuff!

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Crazy Ghost's Caught On Tape

I have to admit this freaked me out a little bit... This is from bravo and claims to be the most amazing ghost caught on tape, well you judge whether or not you think these stories are fake. This video is almost 45 minutes but it is worth it!

So what do you say? Do you believe?

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Better Learn To Respect The Power Of Nature

This is quite the collection of nature's power... some pretty amazing pics! Featuring lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes and even some volcano pics. I think the motto of this story is don't mess with Mother nature!

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Amazing Time Lapse Footage

We have all seen rotten apple's but did you ever wonder exactly how it got that way? Well wait no more!

Who would have thought that a popcicle melting would be so crazy in time lapse... well you be the judge!

These clouds are quite amazing as well... watch as the thunderstorm rolls on in. Right after the end of the storm is the best part those clouds are unbelievable!

And finally this is one of the best videos I have run across... it shows the real beauty of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.... simply stunning!

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The Gangsters Of The Ocean

The pistol or alpheid shrimp is one of the most amazing creature in the ocean. Watch as this this shrimp shoots a stream of bubbles at it's prey that momentarily reaches the temperature of the sun! This stream is enough to stun or even flat out kill it's prey! Wow, the ocean never ceases to blow me away...

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To purchase a Pistol Shrimp click the picture below...

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