Amazing Underwater Footage

Ok I was looking for the Dragon Sea Moth and I came across this video with some spectacular underwater footage. I know most of these, but a few looked new to me. Check out the Fish Index for more information about these fish in the video below!

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Longest Snake In The World

This has to be very close to the longest snake in the entire world! This snake seems to stretch on FOREVER!

Sorry I don't normally do that to people, but I just couldn't help it : ) For more check out The Fastest World In The World or find out What Eats Vampire Bats!

The Army Of Sea Urchins In Time Lapse

The BBC finally smartened up and now lets you embed videos that they post to Youtube... Thank you! This video has some amazing footage of Sea Urchins and Starfish and shows you just what goes on in the ocean below.

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