Mountain Biker Gets Hit by a Buck

Another case of when nature strikes back... Apparently this is the buck's territory...

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This dish is called Odori-Don it is a dead squid that comes back to life when you pour soy sauce on it! Anyone ever tried this?!

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These Animals Are Better Then You

Frankly I think most animals are better then humans... Here are some examples...

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Spider Vs. Ant

This ant doesn't seem to have a chance against this much bigger spider... But just wait till the end...

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The Venomous Fish Eating Cone Snail

The Cone Snail is a deadly creature with the unique ability to shoot a poison dart-like object out of its body. Then it either melts its flesh with its venom, or swallows the fish whole... A pretty amazing sight to be seen...

Here is another video, this time the victim is a Clown Fish.

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