Proof That A Stoned Driver Beats A Drunk Driver Anyday

Poor guy didn't even smoke ANY weed today... and I bet he was driving nice and slow! Imagine how much different things could have been if he was a raging drunken violent moron!

Never a good idea to hit a officer of the law... even if you are plastered, I bet a stoned person wouldn't do such a thing!

And the final piece to the puzzle, one of the best opening scenes of any movie out there... enjoy and drive safe!

If you would like more of the human elements check out the vastness of space or see why this guy is such a maniac!



awannabe said...

Roflmbo... idiots. All idiots.

Poons said...

You know its a lot better to be a "space-driver" than a car driver. Here at least you know a drunk driver will be booked! Here these guys are regularly getting high in spirits .. and HIGH in space!!Read this: Drnk drivers on space too

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