Unbelievable Cat Eats With Fork, Spoon And Chop Sticks!

Believe it out not it's actually true! I am not sure what was going through this women's head when she came up with this off the wall idea, perhaps she just had a bit too much time on her hands! Nowadays it seems like the line between human and pet is just a bit too thin... What are your thoughts?

If you enjoyed that last one I am sure you will get a kick out of this montage of crazy cat clips... If you watch closely you will see yet another cat eating with a fork, very odd!

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ShadowWarrior said...

Wing Commander clearly stated it. Cats will rule the world one day. Primates are obsolete.

Redbass said...



Have you seen this cat:
Pippy, the Begging Kitty

Freaking weird, but cute as hell!

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