The Lost City Where Creatures Survive In 200 Degree Heat

Not only can they survive massive heat, but also the crushing pressure of 1000' of sea water! This footage is taken smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean... pretty amazing what you can find in the middle of nowhere! Could this be the proof that life could in fact exist on other planets? These amazing things have a PH similar to liquid drano... For more info just search for "lost city"

Next it's Python Vs. Cobra, you might be surprised at the outcome... it appears that all that fighting really made that snake work up an appetite!

Thank god for the Discovery Channel...

Finally the most insane creature of all the killer turtle... You have to admit this turtle has some balls!

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Anonymous said...

That spider looking creature in the first video is quite spectacular and the last video is hilarious! The turtle is on a mission!

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