Planet In Peril Part 3

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This next part of the documentary Planet In Peril takes us into China to give us an inside look at the illegal animal trade and how the growing population there is causing even more problems... As the world's population grows like rats things are only going to get worse.

They head deeper into China and take a look at the problems with water that is simply not drinkable nor should it be used to grow crops, but people living in these areas don't have any choice... Good luck with the lawsuit... for some reason I think that might be a tough one to win.

Last up in this post from the series Planet In Peril, they take a look at some of the chemicals that are showing up in children all around the world. A sad path we have been on for way too long...

Stay tuned to the blog for the rest of the series... For more from The Human Element check out the amazing preying mantis or check out the lost city!

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